Everything happens for a reason

Why not make it 




What is C2C? 

Crutch2Comfort manufactures a medical grade gel infused memory foam pad to be placed on top of a crutch to alleviate pain. It has removable and washable anti-microbrial cover to keep you nice and clean.


My name is Zoe Stathes and I am the creator of Crutch2Comfort. Soccer was my life but after getting injured three times I knew I couldn’t succeed playing on the field anymore.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and ultimately my injuries allowed me the opportunity to discover this product. Through dedication, hard work and persistance, I have created a product with a Patent Pending that will have a positive affect for ALL having to use crutches.  


Crutch2Comfort has provided me the insight to who I am and who I want to be and has given me reassurance I can succeed on and off the field.

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